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Intertruck gaining ground in Zambia

In the three years we are active in Zambia, now Intertruck has gained a reputation across the country as the top supplier for European truck and trailer parts with large local stock. There is high local need for continuous availability of quality parts delivered by a professional organization. We have moved into a 1,300 m2 building at a central location in the capital city Lusaka and retrofitted it with European, professional amenities and the Intertruck look and feel. This past year our local team has proved itself to be a strong presence in the market. To ensure the availability of products in other parts of the country as well, we are also setting up a partner network. This will significantly reduce the distance to the nearest Intertruck supplier and enable us to help the customer get back on the road more quickly.

US parts

Since the beginning of the year we have expanded our product range in Zambia to include a wide range of American parts. In addition to our large stock of European parts we now also can deliver the American parts from stock. Our local team also includes an US parts specialist now, enabling us to serve our customers better.


Friday, February 10, 2017