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When a wheel chock is mandatory

Wheel chocks are indispensable for the safety of every professional driver. The use of wheel chocks or stop blocks during loading and unloading is not required by law. However, the rules for loading and unloading may differ from one company to another. When docking on a dock-leveller, companies can and may ask drivers to place wheel chocks in addition to applying the normal parking brake, in order to comply with health and safety regulations. In practice it appears that a truck with a semi-trailer, which only uses the parking brake, can still move forwards and backwards when a heavy forklift truck drives in and out of the loading bay and can therefore end up between the body and the dock. Therefore, always ensure that the wheel chocks are available to prevent serious accidents and damage.


In order to reduce the risks of accidents during the transport of dangerous goods, the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road has been drawn up in the ADR. The provisions in the ADR have been translated in the VLG regulations for Dutch legislation and prescribe how to deal with packaging, equipment and correct transport. Trucks carrying dangerous goods must comply with the ADR/VLG regulations.

Wheel chocks are a mandatory part of ADR transport. According to the regulation, at least 2 wheel chocks (stop blocks) of a size appropriate to the maximum mass of the vehicle and the diameter of the wheel must be present on each lorry. Vehicles carrying dangerous goods may not be parked without using the parking brake. The movement of trailers or semi-trailers without a braking device shall be stopped by fitting at least one wheel chock. In the case of international transport, you must be able to secure the vehicle carrying hazardous substances against rolling away in every situation, for example in the event of a breakdown on the road.

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Friday, May 29, 2020