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  • The clutch sets are the fourth new product line from the Intertruck brand that we have introduced recently.

    From today you can also come to us for a very wide range of clutch sets, consisting of a clutch release assembly, a clutch plate... read more

  • We have changed the specifications of our rubber straps because quality checks showed that the stretchability of the rubber straps we were selling differed from the usual stretchability.

    The new rubber straps are still made of... read more

  • This week we are adding yet another new product line to our range: ABS sensors.

    We can now provide you with the sensors you need. With 52 item numbers, we have a suitable ABS sensor for the most common European trucks and trailers.

    ... read more

  • As we recently announced, over the next few months we will be adding a number of new product lines to our Intertruck brand range. This summer our product managers have stayed at home for you. And the results are great!
    Here we present you... read more

  • We recently began collaborating with BOSCH. BOSCH has a firmly established reputation as a manufacturer of high quality components in the automotive industry. A few years ago BOSCH took the strategic decision to strengthen their name in the heavy... read more

  • Our product managers work hard every day, to keep our brand portfolio and product range up-to-date. They attempt do this from our headquarters in Hoogvliet (NL), but they are also travelling all over the world to visit our suppliers. This enables... read more