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Do not forget your snow chains

In order to comply with local legislation and for the safety of yourself and other road users during snowfall and other winter weather, it is important to have a set of snow chains on board of your vehicle.

In these countries it is mandatory to have snow chains with you in the period between 01-11 and 15-04. During winter conditions you should be able to install snow chains.



Snow chains for tyre sizes: 9.00x20, 275/70x22.5, 285/60x22.5, 295/60x22.5

1 set contains 2 chains, user manual in 4 languages, plastic gloves and spare chains for repair.

  • Tested and approved by TÜV;
  • Provided with O-standard, V 5119 certificate;
  • Build up from square chains, for longer durability;
  • To use inside out as well, which extends the durability;
  • Packed in a synthetic bag with handles.

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Friday, February 22, 2019