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August 2012 - Legislation daytime running lighting

New cars from 2011 and thereafter, must be equipped with daytime running lights, for day time use – according to the EU. The daytime running lighting makes a car more visible during the day, and also uses much less energy compared to conventional lighting. In many cases the car manufacturers assemble these units with energy efficient lighting emitting diodes (LED’s).

Existing car models as well as used older cars are exempted from this new regulation; only new cars are required to be fitted with daytime running lights. By introducing this new law the EU has set out to reduce the amount of traffic casualties by 3 to 5 percent, that is to say, in practical terms, a potential of “thousands” of lives being saved. The daytime running lights will automatically switch on when starting the engine and switch off when the vehicle’s standard lighting is switched on. For example in tunnels, it is still compulsory to have normal lighting switched on – daytime running lights are not sufficient. The new regulation will take effect as from August 2012 for new commercial vehicles as well. The new lighting uses approximately only a quarter of the energy of conventional lighting.

Saturday, September 1, 2012