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Available from now on: two types of tensioning rubbers

Our product managers are hard at work every day to make our range as complete and good as possible. In October 2017 we improved the quality of our tensioning rubbers by changing the product specifications to require the use of EPDM rubber. This thermoplastic elastomer offers improved stretchability and UV-resistance.

Even though the product specifications of these new tensioning rubbers are better, we still get requests for the old, more flexible and stretchier type. In practice it would seem that, based on the intended use, a different material composition is required. That is why, at the request of many customers, we have begun offering the old, natural rubber type again.

If you want a tensioning rubber with an optimum lifespan while maintaining stretchability, choose the revised 0900X series introduced in October 2017. These are made from EPDM, a stretch-resistant thermoplastic elastomer.

Would you prefer a tensioning rubber with high stretchability that requires little pulling force for a greater length range? Then choose the IT 0405A series. These products are made of supple natural rubber and were in our range until October 2017. 

From now on you can find both versions in the webshop, naturally with corresponding technical specifications.


Thursday, May 31, 2018