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active warning system
prevents accidents and damage
road safety

LEXGUARD prevents accidents and damage.


LEXGUARD, the first active warning system for blind spots, has been proving its effectiveness in contributing to traffic safety for years.

Every year, hundreds of people are killed and even more are injured in traffic as result of the blind spot on trucks, trailers, buses and vans as they are turning.

If a object or vunerable road user is within this area, the driver is alerted by means of a combined light and audio signal in the cabin. The signal grows in intensity as the distance to the sensor strip decreases.

The LEXGUARD system is equipped with a GPS module which deactivates the signals at speeds of over 30 km/h. this prevents the driver from receiving unnecessary warning signals while traveling along routes that do not pose a hazard

The co-operation and experience gained working with various companies in different sectors has resulted in the availability of a LEXGUARD set for every application.


The system

Damage prevention

Road traffic safety



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 "LEXGUARD is suitable for all dustcarts, semi-trailers, trucks, trailers and buses"



"LEXGUARD, the first active blind spot warning system"