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GEDORE tools now available at Intertruck

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We were recently appointed by GEDORE Technag as official distributor of the entire range of GEDORE tools. GEDORE Technag is part of the German GEDORE group and importer of hand tools for the Dutch and Belgian markets.

Our impressive range of brands offers the market a wide range of products for various product groups, for truck, trailer, bus, van and more. This applies to both the replacement parts and the consumables. With our years of experience in the industry, we have a proven track record. In recent years, we have entered into several collaborations with renowned brands in order to expand the market together. This includes Bosch and Textar for example.

Now that the market is changing, and with it the distribution chain, we are seeing new collaborations develop throughout the industry. From the beginning, it has always been our intention to be a one-stop shop for our customers. Yet, we have always focused on vehicle parts and accessories rather than workshop supplies. Adding high quality tools is a logical step to meet the needs of both the wholesaler and the workshop. GEDORE's profile mirrors Intertruck's own: years of experience, reliable company, high-quality parts.



By entering into an agreement with GEDORE, we have access to the entire range. Initially, we will focus mainly on the blue line. We have a large assortment of these tools available from stock. The range will, of course, be expanded on the basis of demand from our customers.

This week the official starting shot was fired. Our employees have been trained by Hans van der Vlugt, the General Manager Benelux / Managing Director of Gedore Technag himself. He is enthusiastic about this collaboration:

‘Intertruck is an attractive partner for us. Through years of intensive marketing, close contacts in the industry and the carefully developed HD PartsCenter wholesale network, Intertruck is firmly rooted in the heavy duty sector. This offers us, as part of the German GEDORE Group, extensive possibilities.’

Naturally, we want to expand the range even further in order to be able to continue to meet the demand of our customers. So, expect even more collaborations in the near future!



Thursday, December 5, 2019