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The blind spot is the place where the most truck accidents happen. The DOBLI® (blind spot) mirror is the best solution for keeping an eye on this risk area!

The blind spot is the area around the vehicle which the driver cannot see from the vehicle. Trucks have a particularly large blind spot due to the high cab and the length of the vehicle. This poses an especially great danger to bicyclists riding next to a truck.

Even today, there are around 3,200 deaths and 8,500 severe injuries annually in urban traffic around the world resulting from truck, bus and garbage trucks drivers’ failure to see persons in their blind spot while making a right turn. The installation of a blind spot mirror makes bicyclists and other vulnerable road users more visible to the driver.

Accordingly, since 2011 it has been legally required (Directive 2007/38/EC) for all trucks in the European Union to be equipped with a blind spot mirror.

The DOBLI® mirror provides the ideal solution. A DOBLI® mirror is an inexpensive, 'E' type approved, effective solution for all brands and types of trucks. DOBLI® is currently the only brand that offers a solution for all European trucks.

The DOBLI® advantages:

  • Patented
  • Fully 'E' type approved in accordance with Directive 2007/38/EC for class IV & V mirrors
  • Complete product range, for all brands and types of trucks
  • All models are available in heated and unheated versions
  • Easy to install
  • Very competitively priced
  • Already more than 150,000 sold in Europe


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E-approved solution (class IV & V) Directive 2007/38/EC